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Retirement Solutions of Tampa

Client Business

Retirement Solutions of Tampa (RST) is a start up company born with the intention to provide a unique approach to the retirement market and relentless service to their clients. RST is focused on helping their clients understand medicare and provide services for retirement planning, estate planning and long-term care. RST has the ability to represent multiple companies, and can customize the perfect solution based on their clients, their clients family and their budgets. RST works with a variety of Medicare options, Life Insurance, Long-Term Care and Annuities. RST also offers services with Wealth Transfer Strategies, and insurance for Health, Vision and Dental. RST prides their organization on building relationships one customer at a time. RST strives to make a positive difference in their clients’ lives.

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Business Challenge

RST had an existing FileMaker solution, built by another developer, that was outdated and inflexible. They were challenged by not being able to take advantage of current technologies within their solution and they recognized they were not getting the full use of the solution that it would be capable of, with some tweaking and enhancement.

Solution Provided

Extensitech created a new solution for RST by refining the things RST loved about their old system and correcting its short-comings. Extensitech optimized the solution for use on an iPad and supports “off-line” use when internet access was not available. It was important to RST to leverage the iPad for it’s professional, polished presentation and ease of use in an in-home presentation environment. Since their Extensitech refined iPad version runs without an Internet connection, users can be confident going into any meeting without concern for performance or availability. Upon re-connection, users can simply upload their data to the hosted version of the file, where the data will be updated in the hosted file, keeping them up-to-date with ease and consistency. Additionally, administrators can distribute system updates to existing users and new iPad versions of the file to new users with a few clicks.

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