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Lifeline Financial Services

Client Business

Lifeline Financial Services. is the parent company for a number of title lending companies in South Carolina, Nevada and Georgia. Its companies give loans to consumers, with motor vehicles as collateral. (One of these divisions is Smart Choice Title Loans, and their logo and link are provided as an example.)


Business Challenge

Lifeline Financial Services operates multiple companies in multiple states, each with their own policies, reporting requirements and laws.

Lifeline Financial Services was using a FileMaker solution built in an older version of FileMaker. There were separate solutions for each state, and multiple files in each solution. Over time, the complex requirements for each division, office and state had made the system unwieldy and difficult to modify. The solution required a full-time, in-house developer continually updating and modifying the solution.

Solution Provided

Extensitech began by assisting Lifeline Financial Services with a number of changes to the existing FileMaker solution, including an audit report and a digital document management module. After seeing Extensitech’s capabilities, Lifeline Financial Services agreed to have Extensitech build a new, unified, extensible solution in FileMaker, built on our xBase starter solution.

“Extensitech has a very friendly and professional staff. They have made our lives easier. They are also quick to complete any updates or chanes that we request.”

The new solution accommodates the policies and legal requirements for several offices in several states. The new solution includes settings screens for each state, each division, each office, and even system-wide settings that may change over time. This has eliminated much of the “hard coding” that was in the old solution. The company no longer requires a full-time, in-house developer.

The system tracks clients more thoroughly than the old system did, including employment and residence history, references and demographic data. The solution manages all contacts related to the loans as people and companies, so that the same personal and company information can be linked to multiple loans, eliminating redundant data entry.

In the new solution, principal, interest and fees are automatically applied to received payments according to the appropriate requirements for each division, state and loan program.

“The Extensitech staff are an invaluable asset to our success with their continuing “real time” knowledge of trends and tools within the FileMaker community. Extensitech has given us the opportunity to advance our software platform enabling us to work smarter. I would highly recommend Extensitech to anyone desiring custom software development.”

The solution has tools for tracking repossession orders and vehicle auctions. Users can create and print checks directly from the system. The digital document management in the new solution allows the company to be virtually paperless, and provides considerable savings and convenience.

Management estimates that Lifeline Financial Services saves over $80,000 per year by using the new solution created by Extensitech.

“Extensitech met with me and presented their xBase solution in which I immediately recognized their extensive FM developmental skills and what xBase could do for our company. After having Extensitech review our existing FM solution and making their recommendations, we experienced a critical event in which we requested Extensitech create an audit report in the shortest time possible. Our in-house FM developer took in excess of five days to create the report in which Extensitech only took 3 hours. This is when we made the decision to have Extensitech develop a completely new solution based on their xBase solution…”

“Working with Extensitech was better than I could have ever imagined!”

Lifeline Financial Services has expanded operations and territory and now has Nevada offices and  New Mexico offices. They are still using their Extensitech solution which has been updated to include and incorporate the growth of the company.

Lifeline Financial Services has a cozy corporate office in Central Florida where the base of their operations are handled.


Extensitech continues to work with ALE frequently to make refinements optimized for the growth of ALE and it’s users as they expand to new offices.


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