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Contractors’ Reporting Service

Client Business

Contractors Reporting Service is a full service, professional license facilitator, providing the construction industry with valuable, time saving paperwork management, freeing contractors to concentrate on their jobs and spend more time on the site rather than behind a desk. Contractors Reporting Service has serviced the construction industry for over 37 years. They are dedicated to the satisfaction of their customers as they focus on fulfilling licensing needs and helping others to better understand the contracting industry.


Business Challenge

Contractors Reporting Service had three separate database solutions built in Lotus Approach, and a large set of files and templates in Adobe Acrobat. A customer was entered in one or more of the three Approach databases for licensing, bonds or credit reports. The customers’ information was then reentered into any number of Acrobat templates to create required forms. The overall process required redundant data entry, and require substantial paper shuffling to ensure that the customers’ data was accurate and that all requisite forms were created, stored and filed with the various government agencies.

Contractors Reporting Service needed a software solution to provide a fast, convenient means to store customer data, produce, store and retrieve critical forms and also automate the renewal process.

Solution Provided

“Extensitech really examined our needs to help streamline processes and provided solutions to expedite customer needs. They are a great company and I would highly recommend them for any project.”

Extensitech created the Extensitech Reporting and Management System (ERAMS). ERAMS integrates with existing Acrobat forms, which represents a substantial savings of time and resources.

The solution that Extensitech developed for Contractors Reporting Service has a relational data structure that eliminates redundant entry. This has substantially increased efficiency, accuracy and data integrity. Another advantage is that license, bond and credit reporting customers are all stored and tracked in the same system.

The system works seamlessly with Adobe Acrobat, so that data entered into the system automatically populates forms, without the users having to reenter the data. The system also makes it easy to store and retrieve forms for updating, printing and presentation to clients. Users need only “attach” forms to the customer record, as one would to an email, and documents created from templates are automatically attached.

Additionally, ERAMS automates the annual renewal process, when all the contractors need to renew their licenses and bonds. The system automatically creates renewal notices to send to contractors. When the contractors send fees and forms, the renewal notices are converted to invoices and the users can record payments. The system then creates a “checklist” of standard pickup tasks, so that an employee can pick up the appropriate forms from the county and city municipalities.

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