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Osprey Biotechnics

Client Business

Osprey Biotechnics is a worldwide leader in the development of Bioproducts for a large range of environmental, industrial and agricultural bioaugmentation applications.


Business Challenge

Osprey Biotechnics was using ACT! to keep track of customers and sales leads, and also to enter orders. The orders were then printed and passed to accounting, where prices were applied and the order entered into QuickBooks.

The ACT! application was modified somewhat, but still required a number of workarounds, and didn’t allow for the desired level of customization. Pricing, particularly, required either the user or the bookkeeper to look up prices on printed price lists, and the “orders” in ACT! were entered as “opportunities”, with only one “line item”. Also, Osprey wanted to be able to integrate the orders with Quickbooks, so that the orders wouldn’t need to be retyped.

Solution Provided

Most of the basic relationship management that Osprey was using in ACT! was already available in xBase, the base solution that Extensitech gives away for free.

“Extensitech did a great job of building a custom database to fit our organization. They were able to successfully incorporate all of our different pricing structures, and are always a phone call or email away should trouble arise, or should we need a change made.”

In Phase 1, Extensitech extracted and migrated the existing data from two ACT! databases and recreated some of the modifications that had been made in the ACT! databases. In Phase 2, Extensitech added administrative pricing screens, so that the bookkeeper could create price levels and price overrides for individual customers. Extensitech also added the Orders, which would look up those prices automatically. Finally, in Phase 3, Extensitech used the FMBooks Connector plugin from Productive Computing to allow the bookkeeper to “push” an order from FileMaker to QuickBooks, rather than having to retype the order.

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