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Chris Cain

Solutions Architect, Founding Partner

My name is Chris Cain, Solutions Architect and Founding Partner of Extensitech, LLC.  I began working with FileMaker in 1992 with version 2.1, and I am FileMaker Certified for version 8 through the current version. When I began with FileMaker, I was running a small business in Orlando, and improving the in-house FileMaker solution as needs arose. Later, I spent several years in business analysis and business consulting for larger businesses in Orlando, Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, and Silicone Valley in California. I worked on larger projects and with enterprise-level software like Seibel, Oracle and PeopleSoft. My role was to primarily gather project requirements, help the users with the software and identify opportunities to leverage the software…[see more]



Jason Sanders

Senior Developer, Partner

I have been developing custom business solutions with FileMaker since 2005 starting with version 7 and I have extensive experience with each subsequent release. I am FileMaker Certified in version 11 through the current version. I joined Extensitech in 2005, and worked jointly with Chris to design xBase. The main body of my work has been defined by a very large FileMaker system that stretched the known boundaries of the FileMaker platform. Through this project, which was originally developed and deployed by another developer, I worked closely with many FileMaker luminaries like Soliant, eConnectix and 360Works as well as the FileMaker Engineering team to troubleshoot, enhance and, eventually, re-develop the solution to take it from its original deployment at a single location with 200 users to its final state at three locations and 1,500 users….[see more]

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