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Florida Traditions Bank

Client Business

Florida Traditions Bank (FTB) is a financial institution in Central Florida. FTB offers personal banking, business banking, loans, merchant services and many investment options. Among the investment options offered by FTB are stocks & bonds, mutual funds, annuities, insurance products, trust services, retirement accounts & planning, education planning and estate planning.


Business Challenge

FTB needed a program for underwriting commercial loans immediately, while having the extensibility to allow for further and additional development over time.

FTB had been using Excel spreadsheets for tracking their underwriting data. Whenever additional info was added or any changes were made, it rendered the existing base of files outdated and useless. FTB needed to obtain a solution that could update the all existing data for any changes, updates, additions, etc.

Solution Provided

Extensitech built a solution for FTB that consolidated the underwriting functions, eliminating the use of paper as all approvals and documentation is electronic. Extensitech’s solution for FTB has eliminated document file management saving FTB an extraordinary amount of time and man hours in their day-to-day operations.

Because the solution built for FTB requires no paper, it makes production and management functions much more efficient because everything relating to their loan processing functions are done using their solution.

“Extensitech has developed a loan processing program for us that has automated our loan processing function, saving us time and money.”

FTB has 7 branches, tucked away in beautiful Central Florida. For branch locations, click on the image below:


*As of 2015, Florida Traditions Bank is now Centennial BankĀ and in the merge, has grown to more locations in Florida and is now in Arkansas and South Alabama.

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