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The Process

Things You Should Know

If a developer isn’t within driving distance, it doesn’t mean they can’t help you.

We service most of our clients outside of our area. We use online technology and tools to share screens, have online meetings, train users and show development of work. You don’t have to be in the same neighborhood as your developer though it has its advantages. You’re always welcome to come to us or have us come to you but we do have the tools necessary to fully consult, develop and deliver from thousands of miles away.

A free consultation should be free.

Our free consultations are exactly that; free. They aren’t a sales pitch or an attempt to lure you into any fine print. Our free consultation is necessary to determine the scope of your project, what you’ll need and what it may cost you. Whether you choose us or not, we’re going to be honest and give you a reasonable estimate. If we aren’t the right developers to help you, we may be able to give you a better referral. We aren’t about to get your business if we aren’t suited for one another.

Billing should be fair and flexible.

We aren’t looking for the biggest jobs with the most paycheck involved. We welcome and build solutions of all sizes, from very small to very big. We bill by the hour on a weekly bases as the development and consultation is performed. We sometimes require upfront payment or a deposit but most often do not and we don’t wait until the end of your project to send you a big invoice. We will invoice you at the beginning of each week for last week’s hours billed on your project. We understand that some businesses may need flexible payment plans or may need to limit the weekly or total cost of the project. Whatever your accounting and billing needs are, we’re always willing to work with you to any reasonable extent.

You should never expect any hidden charges.

Once your system is complete, you own it and it’s yours forever. We only charge you for the development and consultation of the work done to complete your project. We don’t charge you maintenance fees or require any service contracts. No yearly fees! You only pay a minimal monthly fee IF WE HOST your solution for you using our server which we backup weekly and maintain monthly. If you host your own solution, there’s no fine print fees. What’s yours is yours…forever.

We often give some of our work away for FREE!

Most developers ‘start from scratch’; think of it as having a blank canvas and a whole bunch paint and brushes. Developing this way is just as successful but it takes more time and therefore costs more money. Knowing that not every client will need, want, or benefit from the same system, we don’t build the same system for every client but we do offer each client a free piece of software to reduce their costs. We understand that 99% of businesses and clients have one thing in common; they need to manage their contacts and activities. We’ve taken years to build and develop xBase, our own unique solution which tracks, monitors and manages contacts, clients, vendors, customers, activities, tasks, emails, phone calls, etc. This xBase system is given to most clients free of charge so you only pay for the hours needed to add to, tweak, customize, and tailor this solution to meet your individual needs. This not only reduces the time frame of your project completion, but it saves you time and money.

Extensitech Solutions

Our Success

At Extensitech, we have developed custom software solutions for dozens of businesses from small to large, in a variety of industries to overcome their business challenges. Read more about how we have helped our clients in our success stories.

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Industry Solutions

  • Distribution
  • Banking and Finance
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Printing
  • Publishing
  • Trucking/Transportation

Community Involvement

  • American Cancer Society
  • H.C. Chamber of Commerce
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • H.H. Heritage Museum Assn.
  • Brooksville United Soccer Assn.
  • Hernando High School
  • Brooksville Vision Foundation
  • Building a Foundation