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Memorabilia Magic, Inc.

Client Business

Memorabilia Magic is one of the leading providers of authentic sports and celebrity memorabilia in the United States. Through direct contact with athletes and celebrities they are able to obtain, on a one-on-one basis, their valuable autographs and package them in a terrific presentation for the highest quality of memorabilia on the market.

Memorabilia Magic then works with numerous non-profit organizations to provide memorabilia for silent and live auctions at charitable events. Memorabilia Magic provides pieces, with assurances of authenticity, and profits from the auction go directly to the organization.


Business Challenge

Memorabilia Magic was using spreadsheets to track their vast inventory of memorabilia. With sales, shipments, quotations, invoices and inventory all in separate sheets, the spreadsheets required constant updating and monitoring, and it was only with tremendous skill that the various spreadsheets could be kept up to date. Contact information for customers and events were kept on index cards.

Furthermore, Memorabilia Magic needed a back end that could support their existing web site. In addition to keeping up spreadsheets internally, spreadsheets were being sent to the web master to be posted on the site, and that, too, needed to be kept up to date as a separate process.

Solution Provided

Using our xBase solution as a starting point, Extensitech created a solution for managing inventory, sales, and contact management.

Just by using xBase, Extensitech already provided a strong foundation to the solution, and that foundation already included support for storing contact information in an extensible, re-useable format. The xBase solution also provides places to record phone calls, emails, memos, meetings and so forth, so that users can see the entire activity history with a person, rather than only knowing of their own activities.

We then added screens for one-of-a-kind inventory Items, Customers, Auctions, Sales Orders/Proposals, Shipments and Invoices. Now an Item can be added, its costs (such as framing and packaging) can be tracked, and when the item is placed on a Sales Order, or shipped to an event, the user can see this status from the Items screen, as well. When an item is invoiced (meaning it sold at an event, and will not be shipped back) it automatically becomes unavailable for new proposals.

The new custom solution has streamlined day-to-day operations for Memorabilia Magic.

“Extensitech’s ability to streamline and increase efficiency throughout our company far exceeded my wildest imagination. Our production, tracking of physical inventory, reporting, and client relationships have improved drastically and allowed us to spend more time on other aspects of our business that will continue our growth.”

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