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City Of Orlando

Client Business

City of Orlando, Office of Communications and Neighborhood Relations (COO) assists neighborhood organizations and residents in effectively accessing City services and other community resources. COO is responsible to organize and revitalize, capacity build, train and support, connect and partner, grow and sustain for the City of Orlando. The goal of COO is to enhance the quality of life in Orlando’s neighborhoods.


Business Challenge

COO needed a database to manage their neighborhood organization throughout the City. They needed to find a database that would work with their special needs and be able to link many different groups and organizations together.

“Our consultation with Extensitech answered all our questions and showed us how what we wanted and needed for a database was possible. The Extensitech developers explained the xBase system to us and helped us to understand, in simple terms, how this would meet our needs and get us started.”

Solution Provided

Extensitech worked closely with COO to perfect their xBase solution to be exactly what COO needed in a database. Extensitech worked quickly to complete the solution in a timely manner and ensure that the users of COO would be efficient and accurate when deploying the solution. COO can now easily, effectively, quickly and accurately track, store, find and manipulate all of their data in a clear and concise way. Having all of their information housed in one database has not only made the jobs and responsibilities of each team member easier, but faster and more accurate. COO has reported that they are very happy with their Extensitech FileMaker database and that it has made a big impact in their business operations by allowing them to effectively overcome their challenges.

“As a “non-techie” person, Extensitech made my experience a positive one. They explained what was happening with development and training in a way I could understand, and more importantly show others. Their knowledge and sense of humor made our weekly meetings enjoyable and easy to understand. I was able to take lead on our database for our office, teach others and answer questions that I never thought I would be able to. This is all due to Extensitech’s developers and their ability to work with all kinds of people with and without great computer knowledge. They were always there to answer questions and would respond within 24 hours if not sooner. I would recommend them to anyone looking to use Filemaker.”




Pictured above is an aerial view of the City of Orlando, click on it to view what events are currently going on in Orlando.

Orlando, is the tourist capital of Florida, as nearly 51.5 million tourists visit Orlando each year; 3.6 million of those tourists are international. Orlando is home to professional sporting organizations and more than half a dozen major theme parks and concert venues. Orlando can also boast they have an arena football team, fantasy lingerie football team and an ACC college football team.

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