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Residential Leasing Group,

“The project started with updating our original database (a poorly designed flat database that we inherited from the existing business owner). We looked into a few local contractors and realized they had little understanding of Real Estate/Property Management. Found Extensitech online as one of the few developers with Real Estate experience. At first we were wary of working with someone that wasn’t local but their initial progress blew us away…”

“Over time we created an incredibly complex solution that has went deeper into automation and tracking than we ever could have imagined. Extensitech has always helped us along the way; whether it’s a quick fix or brainstorming ways to automate a process. As long as they understand what you are asking the development time is incredibly fast…”

“Incredibly professional and they truly understood our business. We went far beyond our original scope once we realized the potential benefits.”

Jonathan Adam

Residential Leasing Group


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