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Pinnacle Home Inspection

“I came to Extensitech with a project that was 99% complete. That may sound like I hardly needed their help, but that is far from the truth. In fact, I would never have been able to pull all of my work together. I understood FileMaker could do amazing things, but I had no knowledge of how to go about that…

The scripts needed to give purpose to the many buttons took a handful of hours to create, but are the very life of this solution. I could have read books, articles, gone to classes, but never, and I mean never, accomplished what Extensitech did in those hours. Also, as their website states, they are ready to help improve on the final product. Once you begin working with your solution, you will find areas to improve, and new options to add…

The final product has been a joy to work with.”

Chris Brophy; Owner, Inspector

Pinnacle Home Inspection

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