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Wayne Jackson II


My name is Wayne Jackson II and I am a recent graduate from University of South Florida (class of 2014) where I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology. I am FileMaker Certified in version 12 through the current version.

While in college, I started my own computer repair business, Wayne Jackson’s Computer Services, where I offer repair, optimization and virus removal for MAC and PC platforms. I’m familiar with various languages and programs such as FileMaker Pro, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, PHP, all Microsoft applications, C, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and C++. I have experience in various areas, relevant to Extensitech’s work, such as program design, user interfaces, computer networking, data structures, data algorithms, technical writing, database systems, software engineering and operating systems.

I’m familiar with a variety of industries, not only from working during college, but also assisting with family owned businesses. These years of experience have given me real world critical skills helpful in database design and my problem solving capabilities. I have background experience in property management, food service, education, building materials, electronics, and sales. My work history includes selling refurbished equipment online, via eBay, for a recycling management company, tutoring children at Kumon, working as a deli clerk at Publix, offering window replacements door-to-door, and cold-calling as a survey representative for a marketing company.

My fresh education, combined with my life experiences, and creative thinking give me powerful tools needed to provide positive and critical input at Extensitech. My level of comfort in designing interfaces, databases and calculations makes me feel “at home” here at Extensitech. I’m learning new and valuable skills daily and continually growing rapidly as a developer.

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Factoids about Wayne Jackson II

  • Wayne's favorite hobby is to produce and record music.
  • Wayne graduated high school magna cum laude.
  • Wayne received a letter of recognition from President Bill Clinton when he was in elementary school.
  • Wayne’s favorite album is OK Computer by Radiohead.
  • Wayne was selected to participate in the Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program) when he was in middle school.
  • Wayne's middle name is Haywood, this has lead his nickname to be "Woody" among friends. In the office, however, his co-workers appropriately refer to him as "Weezy."
  • Wayne served notices and handled administrative tasks working for his family's real estate and property management company, Gulf Coast Rentals and Property Management.
  • Wayne has written, recorded, mixed and produced his own album.
  • Wayne's favorite movie is 'Training Day'. He has never seen Déjà vu, the Denzel Washington movie favored by his co-workers
  • Wayne plays guitar, piano, harmonica, banjo, bass guitar and any other instrument within reach.
  • When a good song begins to play on Wayne's Spotify account, Wayne will often refer to this as being "the jam" or more appropriately, "his jam."
  • Wayne has a favorite fedora which he's only worn to the office once.
  • Wayne once worked with Kumon tutoring children. He also tutored fellow high school students in physics.
  • Wayne is an eBay wiz, so much so, that he earned a paycheck for reselling equipment, using eBay, for a recycling company in Pasco County.
  • Wayne is an Xbox fan. However, his favorite game ever is Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation platform.
  • Wayne loves the game of disk golf, despite being recently introduced to it by his co-workers.
  • Wayne hates watching sports but does support Florida teams, especially those from Tampa. This applies to both collegiate and professional sporting teams.
  • Wayne's favorite band of all time is Radiohead. He claims they’re the reason he fell in love with music.
  • Wayne is a self-proclaimed cheeseburger connoisseur. When a cheeseburger, his favorite food, is prepared deliciously, he dons the meal as “glorious.”
  • When Wayne was only 2, he was bitten twice by a diamond back rattlesnake and nearly died.
  • Wayne enjoys card games, his favorite is Ring of Fire.
  • Despite being terrified of flying, Wayne's favorite vacation ever required a plane ride to California. He was particularly fond of the Hearst Castle, Big Sur and San Francisco.
  • Wayne dreams of owning an electric blue Nissan Skyline.