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Jason Sanders

Senior Developer, Partner

I have been developing custom business solutions with FileMaker since 2005 starting with version 7 and I have extensive experience with each subsequent release. I am FileMaker Certified in version 11 through the current version.

I joined Extensitech in 2005, and worked jointly with Chris to design xBase, a base solution that forms the foundation for most of Extensitech’s custom software solutions. I’ve been a contributor to later enhancements and new version of xBase, as well.

The main body of my work has been defined by a very large FileMaker system that stretched the known boundaries of the FileMaker platform and employed some of the most cutting-edge tools available. Through this project, which was originally developed and deployed by another developer, I worked closely with many FileMaker luminaries like Soliant, eConnectix and 360Works as well as the FileMaker Engineering team to troubleshoot, enhance and, eventually, re-develop the solution to take it from its original deployment at a single location with 200 users to its final state at three locations and 1,500 users.

In addition to my work in creating, deploying and maintaining large scale FileMaker solutions, my other specialties include systems integration, document management, contact management, activity management, plug-in deployment and business analysis.

I believe that communication is the key to delivering a great solution and I put his skills as a natural communicator to great use making sure that I understands the clients’ needs and that they know what to expect at each stage of the process.

Ultimately, integrity is hugely important to what I do and you should find working with me, and the rest of the Extensitech team, is a refreshingly open and honest experience. I am proud of our ability to provide fantastic value to our clients, and we achieve that by making sure that there are no surprises and that we deliver on-time and under-budget.

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Factoids about Jason Sanders

  • Jason married, and is still married to his high school sweetheart, they started dating when he was 16.
  • Jason and his wife have 4 children, 3 of which are boys and the youngest, a girl. There are 4 years difference between the youngest and oldest.
  • Jason is accomplished in playing guitar, bass guitar, drums, and sings in a band; often times during quiet moments in the office, you can hear him sing to his favorite Pandora channels.
  • Jason has a broad and eclectic taste in music and often knows the lyrics to every tune.
  • Jason is, by far, the best dressed person in the office, on a daily basis.
  • Jason has experience in mechanics, carpentry, home improvement, and is quite the handy man.
  • Jason worked for many years in a photo lab developing pictures and contemplated taking up photography.
  • Jason enjoys funny YouTube videos and smiles often.
  • Jason does a fantastic one-man show, voices and all, to a miniature Monty Python based skit.
  • Jason is a ninja and has a mean flying kick that he often uses to make a grand entrance.
  • Jason continues to eat healthy lunches of vegetables, hummus, pretzels and organic smoothies in spite of the lunch selections around him daily.
  • Because of heavy flack received by his co-workers, Jason no longer wears "flip flop" sandals to work.
  • Jason will readily buy Lego's as gifts for his children but secretly, they are for his own enjoyment.
  • To be fair to everyone's unique taste at the office, Jason created the 'Extensitech Radio' station on Pandora, which features an eclectic mix of each employee's favorite artists.
  • Jason is a season ticket owner for the USF Bulls Football team and has a collection of Bulls apparel.
  • One of Jason's favorite movies is Lord of the Rings and according to his wife, he's a lover of all movies that are "geeky."
  • Jason dreams of traveling through Europe with his family. He loves the history and culture the continent has to offer.
  • Jason loves spicy food, single malt scotch, and according to his wife, mowing his lawn.
  • Jason was born in, and grew up in Texas where he would hunt, fish and listen to country music. Not necessarily all at the same time.
  • Jason was once a lifeguard and loves the water.
  • Jason feels like shoes smother his feet so for several consecutive years he wore flip flops.
  • Jason worked at several churches as a custodian, youth director, camp counselor and praise band leader.
  • Jason had a streak of buying junk cars which turned him into quite the auto mechanic. Despite his skill set, he's often too busy with work and family to do their repairs himself.