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Crystal Smith

Business Development Director

Hello, I’m Crystal Smith and I was brought onto the Extensitech team in May of 2012. I’m responsible for marketing, sales, public relations, customer account management, and licensing. In addition to working with both new and existing clients, I also work closely with many community organizations, networks, affiliations and groups on behalf of the company. I’m also heavily involved in volunteer work and fund raising events for local, non-profit organizations.

In my previous career I was the Managing Director of Sales for a major, international, company who manufactured and distributed all-natural car care products. My work, prior to Extensitech, was to handle wholesale accounts, licenses, sales and operations worldwide. My primary client base was in China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Australia,  though I worked heavily with clients throughout North America, South America and all parts of Europe.

I’ve worked in a variety of industries, most of which I held a sales & marketing position, some of those industries include mobile phone technologies, electronics, lighting, pest control, landscaping, auto detailing, food service, medical products and outdoor power equipment. I’ve also had more ‘hands on’ work including things like being a “winder” assembling the die-electric cores for capacitors used on NASA projects; soldering light strips and assembling joysticks for SugarLoaf brand claw arcade machines; mobile phone technical support and testing for companies like Verizon, PrimeCo and Alltell.

Though my work and experience in FileMaker is very minimal, I understand how to use my knowledge and experiences to be a big asset to Extensitech. I’m often providing helpful input into client development, interface design, consultation, business analysis and I play a large role in providing client support in my licensing and customer account management duties. My skill sets have been instrumental to handling business development related tasks.

What I’m most proud of, beyond my skill set, is my reputation, business morals and personal core values. I hold these things in higher regard than my ability to earn a paycheck. This was why I believe I fit in so well with the Extensitech team. I joined this team because their values, reputation and clients were the most important thing to them, and they were obsessed with their work, their legacy and their impact in the community. Their goals and mine matched very closely and they’re constantly driven to surpass their last achievements.

I feel that these unique and ambitious qualities were the biggest factor in my decision that this was where I wanted to be, to pursue a higher level of personal accomplishment and growth, not just for myself, but as a team.

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