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Crystal Smith

Business Development Director

Hello, I’m Crystal Smith and I was brought onto the Extensitech team in May of 2012. I’m responsible for marketing, sales, public relations, customer account management, and licensing. In addition to working with both new and existing clients, I also work closely with many community organizations, networks, affiliations and groups on behalf of the company. I’m also heavily involved in volunteer work and fund raising events for local, non-profit organizations.

In my previous career I was the Managing Director of Sales for a major, international, company who manufactured and distributed all-natural car care products. My work, prior to Extensitech, was to handle wholesale accounts, licenses, sales and operations worldwide. My primary client base was in China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Australia,  though I worked heavily with clients throughout North America, South America and all parts of Europe.

I’ve worked in a variety of industries, most of which I held a sales & marketing position, some of those industries include mobile phone technologies, electronics, lighting, pest control, landscaping, auto detailing, food service, medical products and outdoor power equipment. I’ve also had more ‘hands on’ work including things like being a “winder” assembling the die-electric cores for capacitors used on NASA projects; soldering light strips and assembling joysticks for SugarLoaf brand claw arcade machines; mobile phone technical support and testing for companies like Verizon, PrimeCo and Alltell.

Though my work and experience in FileMaker is very minimal, I understand how to use my knowledge and experiences to be a big asset to Extensitech. I’m often providing helpful input into client development, interface design, consultation, business analysis and I play a large role in providing client support in my licensing and customer account management duties. My skill sets have been instrumental to handling business development related tasks.

What I’m most proud of, beyond my skill set, is my reputation, business morals and personal core values. I hold these things in higher regard than my ability to earn a paycheck. This was why I believe I fit in so well with the Extensitech team. I joined this team because their values, reputation and clients were the most important thing to them, and they were obsessed with their work, their legacy and their impact in the community. Their goals and mine matched very closely and they’re constantly driven to surpass their last achievements.

I feel that these unique and ambitious qualities were the biggest factor in my decision that this was where I wanted to be, to pursue a higher level of personal accomplishment and growth, not just for myself, but as a team.

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Factoids about Crystal Smith

  • As a Sci-Fi lover, Crystal's favorite movies consist of The Matrix, Inception, L.O.T.R., The Hobbit, Star Wars, Transformers, Boondock Saints and Underworld. She also loves comedy movies such as Space Balls, Airplane, Austin Powers and most Kevin Smith films.
  • Crystal has 4 "furry four legged" children; 2 dogs and 2 cats. 3 of them were rescues. She still wants a leopard gecko, a hedgehog and a ferret but knows she shouldn't rescue anything else for a while.
  • Crystal is left handed - she claims this has made it easier to have "self-taught" herself guitar and drums, though she'll be the first to admit that she plays very poorly.
  • Crystal ran track, played basketball, volleyball, roller hockey & football. She still plays disc golf and enjoys white water rafting and kayaking. She loves mixed martial arts, tennis and golf though she does not play.
  • Crystal loves techno music and has a mini studio in her home complete with turntables, mixing boards, pro disk machines and professional lighting.
  • Crystal won second place in a regional karaoke championship sponsored by a radio station singing covers from Martina McBride, Joss Stone and Jewel.
  • When Crystal was young, she had a very large and impressive collection of rocks, gems, minerals, etc. as she was interested in Geology. She also had a very large collection of Basketball and Baseball cards and once owned cards of both Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron.
  • Crystal logged in 375 hours of community service in high school working with handicapped children and non-profit organizations. She still continues to volunteer, fund raise and mentor.
  • Crystal enjoys rock, metal, electronic and industrial concerts and has attended more than 100 of them. She estimates she's seen at least "a few hundred" performers / bands live.
  • Crystal won several awards in high school for Illustrative Speech, Impromptu Speech and Outstanding Senior Leadership. Some of her awards included district, state and national level competitions.
  • Crystal has met dozens of metal and rock bands while working security at a Gothic nightclub. She worked for free as a security guard monitoring the mosh pits and the girl's restrooms, in exchange for seeing the bands perform, getting to meet them and helping them move their equipment.
  • Crystal was born & raised in Florida but her biological great grandparents were born in Europe. She claims that her "Norwegian blood" is most prevalent in her traits. (She's Irish and Norwegian so please don't make her mad.)
  • Crystal collects autographs; the pride of her collection includes the 96’ University of Florida Gators SEC Champions autographed T-shirt, her WNBA All Stars autographed basketball, and her two autographed photos of her favorite actress, Angelina Jolie.
  • Crystal never left the state of Florida until she was 21, when she vowed to travel to at least one new place every year. Since then, she’s been to 20 states and 2 additional countries. She has no plans to stop traveling any time soon.
  • Crystal almost pursued a career in audio production but decided against it. She doesn't regret it. She currently desires to get her broadcasting license as she aspires to have a comedy channel on the radio. As a teenager, she recorded comedy spoofs onto cassette tapes and distributed them through the neighborhood.
  • Crystal's favorite bands consist of Black Sabbath, Queen, Metallica, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, ABBA, OTEP, In This Moment and Rammstein.
  • Crystal’s favorite athlete is Peyton Manning and she has yet to see him play in person. She sometimes complains that his games aren't on television enough. She has many collector's items of his but does not yet have his autograph.
  • Crystal is the only Extensitech employee that has a tattoo. She has four and desires at least two more. Her most recent tattoo was a custom Star Wars piece featuring R2D2.
  • Crystal is an avid video gamer and plays mostly on the PlayStation platform. Her favorite games include Madden, NBA 2K, Heavy Rain, Fallout: New Vegas and Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Vegas 2. She has a PS2, PS3, PS4, Super Nintento and a Wii.
  • Crystal enjoys "nerdy" board and card strategy games. Her favorite board game is Settlers of Catan (inclusive of several expansion packs.) Her favorite card game is Magic the Gathering. She has several online decks in every mana color, including multi-color decks.
  • Crystal likes to hosts game nights at her home. She likes Rummy, Spades, Hearts and Dice. She also enjoys board games and has two collector editions of Monopoly: Nintendo and Star Wars.
  • Crystal is a prankster by nature. From the time she was young, she began pulling practical jokes on her friends and family. She also went through a dare devil stage for several years. She thought it would be fun to be a stunt double until a stun gun incident occurred. The details are blurry but her change of mind was not.
  • Crystal frequently watches the WSOP on television and even went to Vegas to watch the finals though she doesn't play poker often. Her favorite poker players are Daniel Negreanu and Jennifer Harman. She hates the song Poker Face by Lady Gaga.