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Chris Cain

Solutions Architect, Founding Partner

My name is Chris Cain, Solutions Architect and Founding Partner of Extensitech, LLC.  I began working with FileMaker in 1992 with version 2.1, and I am FileMaker Certified for version 8 through the current version.

At heart, though, I am not a “techie”. I have many years of experience as a Business Analyst and Business Consultant, and I believe that that, more than anything, makes me effective and efficient in helping you to grow and improve your business, and in building a custom software solution that caters specifically to your needs.

When I began with FileMaker, I was running a small business in Orlando, and improving the in-house FileMaker solution as needs arose. In that position, I learned about the challenges and rewards of running a small business. With less than ten employees, everyone has to “wear a lot of hats”, and I needed to learn a bit of everything: customer service, marketing, human resources, inventory management, accounting and customer relationship management, just to name a few. I also learned how to address these and other challenges using what were then emerging technologies, including FileMaker Pro.

Later, I spent several years in business analysis and business consulting for larger businesses in Orlando, Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, and Silicone Valley in California. I worked on larger projects and with enterprise-level software like Seibel, Oracle and PeopleSoft. My role was to primarily gather project requirements, help the users with the software and identify opportunities to leverage the software.

In working with these larger companies and larger projects, I never forgot my roots in small business and my experiences with FileMaker. Often, to work out or explain a particularly challenging data need or business process I’d mock it up in FileMaker.

I began to notice that many of the key features of enterprise software were also possible using FileMaker. I also noticed that although many of the business processes that were used in larger companies didn’t make sense for small businesses, there were also many that were generally unknown to small businesses because in the past, the required software was prohibitively expensive.

In 2001, I returned to Florida, resolved to work again with small businesses, and to convert the knowledge and experience from large, expensive projects to more effective, less costly projects for smaller businesses. I worked as an independent for a few years and then in 2004 formed Extensitech, Inc. (later changed to Extensitech, LLC).

I was able to quickly create software solutions for distribution companies, an agriculture company, non-profit organizations, a membership organization, printing companies, a document management company, a franchise company, a photography studio, a delivery company and many, many more. I also worked on existing FileMaker solutions, where the clients just wanted to “tweak” a solution they already had.

In each case, I listened to the clients’ needs, and built (or modified) solutions so that they worked for each client’s business. Given my experience, I am often able offer insight into other ways of doing things, from other industries and other business sizes, which you won’t get from an industry specialist.

One of the reasons I returned to Florida was that I was fed up with the attitudes found in big projects and consulting companies. The emphasis there is often on protecting the account, and booking the hours, rather than getting the job done correctly and quickly.

My attitude is that I’m either making you money, saving you money, or wasting your money. I never want to waste your money, or your trust, just to make a buck. If I can’t add value to your project, I’ll tell you so. I’ve done it before. Even once a project is started, if I see that there’s a better or less expensive way to meet your needs without my help, I’ll let you know and tell you how. I’ve done that before, too. My integrity and your trust are far more important to me that keeping your account active or billing you for more hours.

This is why at Extensitech, our free initial consult is just that: a consultation, not a sales pitch.

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Factoids about Chris Cain

  • Chris was a combat engineer with the 82nd Airborne Division from 1988 to 1991. He once jumped from a plane at 500 feet, into a nighttime fog so thick he couldn’t see the ground or the stars.
  • Chris has been a bouncer in a biker bar.
  • Chris drove a taxi in Fayetteville, NC for four months. During that time, he gained 40 pounds.
  • Chris took classes and passed the exam to become an Emergency Medical Technician in North Carolina. Due to unexpected events, he never practiced the trade.
  • Chris has been married since 1989 and has one daughter that, many say, looks a lot like him.
  • Chris can recite Hamlet’s soliloquy. Don’t ask him; he’ll do it, and it’s kind of long.
  • Chris appeared on the children’s program “Romper Room” when he was four years old. His only memory of this is that during a snack break, he accidentally ate another child’s doughnut, and didn’t realize he’d done it until shown the evidence on television.
  • Chris skipped the eighth grade.
  • Chris thinks Chuck Palaniuk is perhaps the most talented, interesting and innovative author of our time.
  • Chris speaks Spanish and German, although he’s rusty in both from lack of use.
  • Chris enjoys multiple-day hikes of ten or so miles a day, and camps without a tent.
  • Chris was once part of a small team that in 1999 created a parametrically searchable online database of over 300,000 electrical supply products for No other database of its kind existed at the time. Unfortunately, the customer base didn’t exist at the time, either; SourceAlliance folded in early 2000.
  • Chris thinks that West Wing was possibly the best television series ever aired.
  • Chris says that if he ever wins the lottery, he plans to own as little as possible, and live a (very comfortable) nomadic life, renting whatever he wants or needs.
  • Chris spent several years with, and eventually ran, a company in Orlando that made 1/12th scale accessories for dollhouses. He did trade shows around the country and in England, and had customers in England, France, Spain, Germany, Australia and Iran, among others.
  • Chris has been to Honduras, Panama, Bahamas, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Luxembourg. In spite of living in Maine until he was 17, he’s never been to Canada. In spite of living in the south most of the rest of the time, he’s never been to Mexico.
  • Chris has never been skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling, although he grew up in Maine.
  • Chris participated in an extracurricular disco class in the third grade, and was selected as the weekly “Disco King” twice. The end of year class performance included “Stayin’ Alive”, “A Fifth of Beethoven” and “Boogie Oogie Oogie”.
  • Chris spent a month in Koblenz, Germany studying the language.
  • Chris used to be a notary public. He married his sister, one of his best friends, and a neighbor…each to their respective spouses.
  • Chris holds an International Talk Like a Pirate Day theme party every year on or around September 19th.
  • Chris enjoys disc golf, bowling, pool, darts... pretty much any "sport" that requires quotation marks.
  • Chris’s middle name is Maurice. He does not, however, speak of the pompatous of love.