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Lifeline Financial Services

“After meeting several companies and experiencing their lack of professionalism and ability to get back with us I asked our IT consultant if he new anyone with FM experience. I was introduced to Extensitech. Of all of the many introductions to contractors, vendors and other professionals I experience I have to say this introduction has been the most fruitful and rewarding I have ever experienced…

“Extensitech met with me and presented their xBase solution in which I immediately recognized their extensive FM developmental skills and what xBase could do for our company. After having Extensitech review our existing FM solution and making their recommendations, we experienced a critical event in which we requested Extensitech create an audit report in the shortest time possible. Our in-house FM developer took in excess of five days to create the report in which Extensitech only took 3 hours. This is when we made the decision to have Extensitech develop a completely new solution based on their xBase solution…”

“Working with Extensitech was better than I could have ever imagined!”

Michael E. Agostinelli; CEO

Lifeline Financial Services

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