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Tranzon Driggers

Client Business

Tranzon Driggers, a member company of Tranzon, LLC, is an auction-only real estate brokerage firm, specializing in on-site real estate caravan auction throughout the state of Florida. Tranzon Driggers succesfully sells millions of dollars of Florida real estate at auction each year, and is a nationally recognized team of real estate brokers and auctioneers remaining on the cutting edge of the auction industry.


Business Challenge

Tranzon Driggers had a multi-file FileMaker solution created in an older version of FileMaker. Tranzon Driggers wanted a more up-to-date solution that would take advantage of the features in new versions of FileMaker, and also streamline the solution to better reflect the current business model. The existing system, while fine for day-to-day operations, was rigid and difficult to change, and lacked a true relational data structure. Tranzon Driggers needed a solution that could grow and change with them.

Solution Provided

Using our xBase solution as a starting point, Extensitech created a new TAMS (Tranzon Auction Management System) solution for tracking auctions and properties.

Just by using xBase, Extensitech already provided a strong foundation to the solution, and that foundation already included support for storing contact information in an extensible, re-useable format. The xBase solution also provides places to record phone calls, emails, memos, meetings and so forth, so that users can see the entire activity history with a person, rather than only knowing of their own activities.

We then added screens for Brokers, Agents, Properties and Auctions.

Extensitech are experts with FileMaker Pro and know a great deal about the ins and out of business so they can direct a client to where they need to be”

The heart of the solution is the Properties screen, where the user can link to a rich pool of information about the buyer, the seller, and the brokers and agents involved, all in one place.¬†As information is added, for instance, to an agent’s record, all properties related to that agent reflect that new information. Users can also see a full history of Activities associated with the Property, and any photos or other attached files related to the Property.

Extensitech worked closely with an in-house developer, showing her how to work within the xBase solution so that she could customize the look and feel, add forms and reports, and perform other simple updates herself.

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