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Success Sciences, Inc.

Client Business

Success Sciences is a point of customer contact training and consulting firm that specializes in dramatically improving performance and customer relationships. Founded in 1986 in Tampa, Florida, they currently have offices in Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, Phoenix, and Tampa.

Success Sciences helps clients deliver a consistent, branded performance at all points of customer contact leading directly to increased sales, customer retention, and profitability. Clients include the leaders in a variety of diverse industries including healthcare, utilities, cable, technology, travel and leisure, telecommunications, financial services and more.


Business Challenge

Success Sciences uses FileMaker version 6 to gather data for its Communication Coach solution. Clients receive a run-time FileMaker solution, and work with coaches to establish call scripts, tutorials and more. The run-time solution then creates an extract, which is submitted to create the Communiction Coach. The coach then imports the extract into the main solution, from which the Java-based final deliverable is created.

Because the run-time solution was built before version 7, there was not built-in support for xml exports, so there was considerable, complex scripting involved in creating the xml extract. Several small but significant details had changed since the solution was originally written, and the original, in-house developer was no longer on staff. Staff members were having to manually edit the xml to conform to the new methods.

Success Sciences needed to decide whether to upgrade, and also make the small but important changes in the existing system.

Solution Provided

Extensitech consulted with Success Sciences to understand the scope of the solution, and the company’s future needs. It was decided that since the existing solution required only a few modifications, and the internal development team was working on a long-term replacement for FileMaker, they would not be upgrading to a later version of FileMaker.

Extenstech then worked with Success Sciences to make the small revisions to the existing system, including deciphering and updating the complex xml generation scripts.

“Extensitech not only brought the technical expertise with Filemaker, they worked with us to philosophically look at what was possible and the best options for us and our clients. Working with complex variables and an outdated version, they were still able to provide us solutions that save us time, effort and money.”

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