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Richard Weylman, Inc.

Client Business

Richard Weylman Inc. is a highly sought after marketing consultancy. Richard draws from his lifetime of experience to help others understand this unique marketplace, overcome obstacles, and grow a profitable business. He is the author of the best selling book, Opening Closed Doors — Keys to Reaching Hard to Reach People and the founder of The Weylman Center for Excellence in Practice Management(tm), the only online university for financial professionals and staff to elevate their success in the affluent market. Christopher Forbes, Vice Chairman of Forbes Magazine, calls his work in this complex marketplace “brilliant”. He is also a member of the United States Luxury Board, whose primary mission is to enable organizations to better understand the affluent consumer.


Business Challenge

Richard Weylman, Inc (RWI) was using Peachtree Accounting software for managing customer data, inventory and accounts receivable. While the software has many features, RWI found that most of the features were not important for their business, and in fact the most important features, customer relationship management details and accounts receivable, were unnecessarily difficult to use. RWI needed a simpler flexible solution, but one that would fully accommodate the features that they actually did need, and still allow for future growth and development. RWI also needed the solution to be implemented in a fairly aggressive time-frame due to other business drivers and with no impact on customer data or availability or their databases.

Solution Provided

“From the moment I recommended Extensitech for our project, I knew we had made the RIGHT choice!! They were very professional and they easily understood our project intent and current issues virtually immediately…

Working with Extensitech has been a tremendous experience. We moved from concept to a migration of our data to Filemaker at light-speed…

Extensitech built a custom solution in FileMaker, beginning with xBase, a foundation solution that already includes many customer relationship management (CRM) features. Extensitech then added screens for inventory, invoices and payments. In the new solution, users can quickly see a client’s invoices and payment history, manage inventory and stay in touch with clients. Because the new solution is client-centric, rather than being focused on the general ledger, users are able to spend the majority of their time on the Contacts screen and view all that the company has done with that contact, including items they’ve bought, a history of invoices and payments, a history of activities like phone calls and emails, and even related digital documents. The solution also included flexible reporting that greatly simplified the required weekly Inventory and Sales Reporting requirements.

Extensitech’s professionalism, intelligence and no-nonsense way of getting things done is extraordinary and very impressive. Their followup and responsiveness should be considered a role model for many other companies…

If you are looking for a true results-oriented professional, you should look no further than Extensitech!!!”

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