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National Association of Professional Martial Artists

Client Business

The purpose of the National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA) is to dramatically increase the number of people enjoying the benefits of good martial arts training. NAPMA accomplishes this by providing business, marketing and management education to martial arts professionals creating a safer, more professional, age appropriate programs for their students.

NAPMA is dedicated to creating a martial arts industry unified by a commitment to safety and professionalism. This is apparent is their multi-pronged efforts to reach and help as many schools as possible. The most concentrated program used to achieve this level of quality is the NAPMA Professional Membership that is designed primarily for school owners and anyone seeking a career in martial arts. Another program offered by NAPMA is the ACMA program that is designed specifically for non-style specific instructor training in areas of safety, classroom management, risk management, and age appropriate instruction. The ACMA is based on universal, scientific teaching methodologies recognized on the highest academic levels.

The NAPMA World and Regional Conferences are open to the entire industry for the purpose of providing as much active, hands on training as possible.


Business Challenge

NAPMA already had a FileMaker solution in place that needed to be improved on as the company grew. NAPMA was looking to make the existing solution more manageable and improve on data manipulation through more productive reports. The FileMaker solution had provided an end-to-end solution for many years, but as the company had grown, NAPMA had new reporting needs, such as more advanced accounts receivable reporting, a tracking system for their NAPMA Squared program, and an updated and improved credit card processing system.

Solution Provided

NAPMA hired Extensitech to improve on the existing solution that had been designed by another developer. Over the course of a year Extensitech added several reports and minor enhancements as requested by the client. Extensitech also added a tracking system for the NAPMA Squared program, and implemented an updated and improved credit card processing plugin. The reports and enhancements implemented by Extensitech added to the quality of the system by more easily reviewing the data in the system making their jobs more productive and efficient.

“The team at Extensitech have been fantastic to work with. I can always count on them to get a project done in a timely manner and with accuracy. They are professional and friendly to work with and I would highly recommend their services.”

When NAPMA later merged with Century Fitness, Extensitech helped to extract and compile data from the FileMaker system for migration into the nationwide system used by Century Fitness and its affiliates.

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