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GeneAidyx, LLC.

Client Business

GeneAidyx, LLC. (GEN) is an independent Alpha-a Antitripsin Genetics Laboratory, who’s an international reference lab for Alpha-s Antritripsin level, phenotype and genotype analysis. The Detection Laboratory’s main focus from inception in 1986 has been to provide quick, convenience and affordable genetic testing for Alpha-1 Antitripsin Deficiency. Through this, testing is provided free of charge to patients.

GEN’s unique testing for Alpha-1 is simple, quick, and highly accurate. Their finger stick collection system utilized by the program requires only a small prick to the finger and a few drops of blood on the test card. The sample is sent to the lab for processing and results are ready in 10 days for their patients.

GEN also provides materials and resources to educate medical professionals and patients alike  about Alpha-1 and the available resources.


Business Challenge

GEN started their independent lab after formerly working with another lab funded by an educational institution. GEN spawned off on their own journey with a copy of a database that was in an older version of FileMaker, originally designed by Extensitech. Extensitech rebuilt the older system using xBase v12 and revamped the feature sets to match the new workflow and operations that GEN has set in place, following all requirements from HIPPA and the Alpha-1 Foundation.

Solution Provided

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