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Ty Dustin

Web Developer

Hello, my name is Ty Dustin and I’m the most recent member of the Extensitech team. My experience in programming includes C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, LUA, Python and FMP scripting. I also have a web development history and am very familiar with HTML,  CSS, WordPress, Open Cart and other web CMS solutions. As I was getting my start on the graphics end of software, I spent many years designing visual elements for the web such as layouts, icons, logos and cohesive colored themes for clients. I have over 10 years of experience with Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D design programs such as Maya, 3DS max and Zbrush. My software skill sets have helped me develop mobile and PC games as well.

In my later college years, I worked as a freelance 3D modeler for game companies and start-ups. Working with these companies to plan their road-map for publishing helped me gain an eye for what’s needed for a business to be successful and for a project to be completed. After years of this, I then made the decision to move on to programming as a career focus because I enjoy the challenges involved with solving complex business problems. Programming at its core is problem solving, it’s like a puzzle that inspires me to keep chipping away at overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way.

I joined the Extensitech team to leverage my PHP knowledge and skill set to help bring web based solutions and extensions to their already well-established business management software, as well as to assist in extending FileMaker’s reach to clients. I feel like I’m a great fit to the team at Extensitech due to their collaborative environment and my own strategies of sharing ideas. The team  can run through ideas in a matter of minutes while focusing on what can be done to accomplish tasks realistically, and they possess the follow through needed to meet deadlines. As a programmer, I love the efficiency that this brings to the table in a professional programming environment.

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