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October 2017 FMPUG – NEW TIME

Thursday, October 12, at 3 PM Eastern Time.

Steve Willis, of Life Christian University, presenting. He has a PHP library that uses object-oriented programming techniques to abstract access to FileMaker databases.



August 2017 – Card Windows Workshop

Jason Sanders will present a workshop/discussion on one of the coolest new features in FileMaker 16: Card Windows. We’ll take a deeper look into how card windows behave and explore some ideas of how to use them. Bring your own ideas and examples to share.

Thursday, August 10, 2017 6-8 PM



July 2017 – Jesse Barnum – 360 Deploy

Jesse Barnum from 360Works demonstrated their newest product, 360 Deploy. This is a tool designed for developers and database administrators to simplify the process of deploying updated database versions to FileMaker Server. This tool could be used for:
* Deploying version updates from an offline copy (i.e. a developer laptop) to a live deployment server
* Deploying version updates from a hosted developer server to a live deployment server
* Deploying new versions of vertical market applications to a large number of customers using that application”360 Deploy combines technology that we’ve developed in several different products (MirrorSync, AdminAnywhere, SafetyNet) into a special purpose tool that we believe to be the easiest and most reliable way of delivering version updates, without resorting to the workarounds required by the separation model.This presentation will be the first public demonstration of 360 Deploy, so some edges may still be a bit rough.”

Thursday, July 13, 2017 6-8 PM


June 2017 Tips n Tricks (Mixed Bag)

This month we “geeked out” over a mixed bag of FileMaker tips and tricks.

Chris Cain  led the discussion, with some demo files and walkthroughs of:

  • Panel with Unlimited Tabs
  • Dynamic Cross-tab Data Entry Interface
  • Virtual List Basics
  • Virtual List Hierarchy
  • SQL Custom Functions
  • Magic Value Lists

This was more of a discussion and workshop than a presentation, with opportunities for attendees to ask questions, “deep dive” on particular subjects, or skim topics, depending on input and interest. We went on a few interesting tangents and uncovered several tips n tricks that weren’t on our original list!

Thursday 6/8/2017, 6-8 PM ET


Supporting Files

Example Files

We also discussed (briefly) the “Magic Value Lists” method, which you can find here: Virtual Value Lists

May 2017 FMPUG – Exciting News from FileMaker

Darrin Quick from FileMaker will be presenting this month. FileMaker has been hard at work shaping the future of the platform and you are about to get a glimpse at some of their latest breakthroughs. Developers will not want to miss this one!

Thursday 5/11/17, 6-8 PM ET


April 2017 FMPUG – FileMaker Plug-in Management – Strategies and Solutions

Jason Sanders from Extensitech will be presenting this month. He will take a deep dive into the world of deploying and maintaining plug-ins in FileMaker solutions.

If you already have a solution deployed that leverages plug-ins, you’re probably all too aware of the challenges, pitfalls, and general pain-in-the-buttness of trying to install, update, downdate, locate, register, etc., your users’ plug-ins.

This discussion will give an overview of the native FileMaker tools for managing plug-ins, outline the things you need to consider when developing your own plug-in management tools, and present a fully developed solution for deploying and managing plug-ins in FileMaker.

Thursday 4/13/17, 6-8 PM EST