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June 2017 Tips n Tricks (Mixed Bag)

This month we “geeked out” over a mixed bag of FileMaker tips and tricks.

Chris Cain  led the discussion, with some demo files and walkthroughs of:

  • Panel with Unlimited Tabs
  • Dynamic Cross-tab Data Entry Interface
  • Virtual List Basics
  • Virtual List Hierarchy
  • SQL Custom Functions
  • Magic Value Lists

This was more of a discussion and workshop than a presentation, with opportunities for attendees to ask questions, “deep dive” on particular subjects, or skim topics, depending on input and interest. We went on a few interesting tangents and uncovered several tips n tricks that weren’t on our original list!

Thursday 6/8/2017, 6-8 PM ET


Supporting Files

Example Files

We also discussed (briefly) the “Magic Value Lists” method, which you can find here: Virtual Value Lists

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