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FileMaker Server Maintenance Plan

At Extensitech we can offer our exclusive FileMaker Server Maintenance Plan: Server-Sure.

This plan was designed to provide peace of mind and take the worries and hassle out of FileMaker Server™ maintenance and is exclusive to our clients. Whether you host your own database, host with us or host with someone else, we can help you. If you aren’t a current Extensitech client, please contact us to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss looking over the file(s) to determine the setup effort needed.

Our Server-Sure guarantees the best practices for your FileMaker Server™, as recommended by FileMaker™ to ensure optimum performance and, should disaster strike, efficient and speedy data recovery.

What Server-Sure does for you:

  • Installation of FileMaker Server™ Updates (patches only, does not include major version upgrades)
  • Installation of Operating System Updates (patches only, does not include major version upgrades)
  • Periodic FileMaker Server™ Rebooting as recommended by FileMaker™
  • Database File Maintenance to prevent server errors, make your database more reliable, decrease size on disk and increase speed
  • Disaster Recovery Plan allowing us to recover your data and re-install your FileMaker Server™. This recovery plan includes Cataloging Server Schedules & Archiving FileMaker Server™ Installer and license information and a Data recovery script to recover any data lost by damaged files when possible
  • Monthly Server Settings Check setting your FileMaker Server™ to recommended configuration and checking periodically to ensure optimum configuration
  • Weekly Hard Drive Space Check to ensure optimum performance and anticipate required upgrades

What’s required for Server-Sure:

  • Extensitech will need administrative access to your FileMaker Server™
  • FileMaker Pro™is already installed on your FileMaker Server™ (preferably FileMaker Pro Advanced™)
  • Remote Desktop access is enabled on your FileMaker Server™ (or other passive remote access tool).
  • FileMaker Server™ network is open for FTP
  • Battery Backups are in place and functioning

With Server-Sure you can Be Sure about your Server.


What Server-Sure costs you:

Server-Sure is available for organizations who host on their own FileMaker Servers, host on a third party server, or host with Extensitech.

Server-Sure is provided for a low monthly fee of just:

$75.00 a month (for clients hosting their own solution)

– OR –

$25.00 a month (for clients hosting on Extensitech’s server, cost in addition to the Hosting monthly fee)

Server-Sure requires an Initial Setup, which includes development of  data recovery scripting, for a low one-time only fee:

$300.00 (one-time only fee which includes the data recovery scripting, billed on the first month’s invoice)

Extensitech also offers Sever-Sure as a Pay-Ahead option, with generous Pay-Ahead discounts available, allowing you to save valuable money and time with just one invoice yearly. Call or email for your Pay-Ahead options today.

There’s no better time to ensure the safety, performance, and reliability of yourFileMaker Server™ than right now.

To request additional information, or to get started on Server-Sure, call or email us today!

Server-Sure: Be Sure about your Server

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