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FileMaker Products

As active members of the FileMaker Business Alliance, we’re committed to providing a variety of FileMaker services and education outside of our primary focus of FileMaker development and business consulting. Though our primary focus is on building custom solutions and providing business consulting for our clients, sometimes our clients (or you for that matter) just need help with FileMaker products and we’re here to help.

FileMaker Licensing

As an active FileMaker Business Alliance member, we have access to all the FileMaker license agreement types and we’re often able to help you bundle your licensing to save you money. Whether you only need a single license or a few thousand, we’ve got you covered. From individual Retail use to corporate site licensing, we’re able to handle your licensing needs and address your licensing questions. Contact us to get your licensing quote and discuss your licensing needs.

Licensing Options

FileMaker Pro Free TrialWe can help you get FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server with Web Direct connections. We have access to all FileMaker Licensing types including Retail, Volume, Annual and Site Licensing. We can also help you renew your existing Annual Licensing and Maintenance and may even be able to save you money. We can also help you find where you can download FileMaker Go for free, in addition to FileMaker Pro free 30 day trials. Even if you don’t qualify for an upgrade, let us help you get the best deal on FileMaker licensing.

In addition to helping you bundle your licensing, we can help you get most value out of the flexibility of FileMaker by either answering your questions, pointing you to the right resources, helping you with an existing database, rewriting a database or creating a new one. Even if you don’t need our development help, we can still likely save you money on your FileMaker licensing.

Interested in upgrading your existing licenses or adding more users within your organization? We can help you there too. Additionally, we can help you stay current in FileMaker technology and help you renew your licensing, at affordable yearly price points, and help you keep your solution’s features up-to-date with each FileMaker release.

Not sure which licensing is best for you?

Let us do the work. Contact us to learn more about FileMaker licensing and to let us help you determine what licensing option is best for your needs.

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At Extensitech, we have developed custom software solutions for dozens of businesses from small to large, in a variety of industries to overcome their business challenges. Read more about how we have helped our clients in our success stories.

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