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The Foundation

Most of Extensitech’s custom solutions begin with xBase, our robust foundation solution that includes customer relationship management, activity management and administration. The solution also includes a host of features and functions that can be re-used and integrated with our clients’ custom development needs. By developing a client’s solution using xBase as a starting point, we begin with a robust foundation and many useful functions already in place, so we can focus on the unique needs of our clients. xBase is a huge “jump start” for your project, allowing us to complete your initial project much more quickly, and it is also extensible, so it can grow and adapt with your business needs long term.

Many times, when considering a software development project, clients are (and should be) focused on the ROI of the initial project. How much money can I make, or save, because the solution makes my current processes faster and easier?

xBase shines in that department, but adds another facet: “How will that ROI change as I grow my  business and implement new practices, policies, procedures and processes?” For many custom software projects, the answer is “it won’t”; custom software is often tailored to one and only one way of doing things. With xBase, though, we’ve developed an extensible, flexible platform so that we can continue to adjust and adapt your solution to new processes and your business grows, changes, and thrives.

Looking at the demonstrations below, it’s easy to see how we address the initial ROI needs. We start with a robust solution that already has loads of built-in features. The “extensibility” we offer may be harder to spot, but here are a few of the ways we achieve this:

  • Business Savvy: Our consultants are intimately familiar with dozens of small businesses. We can spot patterns of development and business practices that might not be obvious to someone who has worked in only one industry.
  • Administration Screens: xBase starts with administrative settings already available and in place. As we develop your solution, we add settings for the variables that affect your business. Things like thresholds, target turnaround times and default pricing aren’t “hard-coded” in your system. We give you a way to adjust those settings as your business grows.
  • A Growing Foundation: Successful small businesses are nimble, and able to adapt and improve constantly. We build our solutions with that fact foremost in our minds. We build solutions tailored to your current needs, but just as importantly we’re building a foundation on which you can add features and functions in the future.

The Solution

Below are the pre-consultation demonstration videos of xBase v12, our newest and latest base solution. The demonstration is comprised of two videos and covers the basic features and functionality of xBase v12, as well as give insight to the interface design of what could be a perfectly custom tailored solution for any given client.

(Above is the first demonstration video)

(Above is the second demonstration video)

Additional “How-To” and Tutorial videos on xBase v12 and its core functionality are available to view by clicking the image below:



All of our solutions are custom tailored to your particular industry, operational procedures, workflow, etc.

The Features

Many of the rudimentary “out-of-the-box” features are covered in the demonstration videos above.

Some of those unique features include:

  • User Interface
    • The Docent (a personal navigation assistant to enhance a user’s experience)
    • An initial “Dashboard” where you can track your own current activities, objectives, calendar and preferences, but where we can also place more specific custom items that you want your users to focus on right when they log in.
    • Standardized screens, so a user doesn’t need to be retrained every time they see a new one
    • xMenus (“the gear button”) where you can find all the options for a given item, and where we can add functions as you need them
  • Contact Management
    • Track all the people and companies you work with, not just your customers
    • Track all of the contact information available in our highly connected business world: multiple addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and we sites, as many as a contact actually has
    • Identify and track relationships between those customers, not just what people work for which companies
    • Build a rich history of your interactions with those contacts, in the form of activities and objectives
  • Activity Management
    • Track phone calls, voicemails meetings, and calendar blocks
    • Send and receive emails, faxes and text messages
    • Track objectives, and subordinate “prerequisite” objectives
    • “Thread” your activities to see progress towards a goal
    • Set reminders for activities, objectives, and threads to be sure important goals aren’t lost in the shuffle
  • Document Management
    • Create “attachments”, any type of file, and make them available to other users in the system
    • Link those attachments to the contacts or other data elements to which they are relevant
    • Stop maintaining a whole set of file folders on a server somewhere, hoping you can find the files you need when you need them
  • Administration
    • Set up your own user accounts and employees
    • Enter and update your own company information (changing your phone number or address doesn’t involve contacting us to change reports and forms)

And more! There are many, many other features in xBase not covered here and these videos do not include any of the custom development that will be added to xBase as we tailor it for your organization.

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